Hello bitches

Hello bitches,

I built this website to sell my shit, to put down some of my thoughts and to sell my shit. the site will be dedicated to the MSi brand (my brand) and will include an ever changing heap of shirts, stickers, hats and whatever else I think y'all might like.

In the beginning:

1985 at the age of 15 I put bass in my old Bronco. From that point on I knew I wanted to make shit. I continued building audio systems all through HS and after. Ever the creator and not an entrepreneur I never made a cent doing it but I still loved it.

In the medium times:

In the 90s I worked and started my family so no big jumps in outside things then (other then having great kids and living a great life). I have always been into off roading and with more and more skill I started to branch out.  In 04 we bought some Ranchers and that kicked me back into off road mode.

In the extra medium times:

In 06 I bought a Brute and shortly made it into one of the biggest and baddest Brutes on the planet. This also made it one of the most breakable pieces of shit on the planet. Also this is when MSi (Monkey Spank industries) came into existence, Jason Cooper (my nephew) and I started making the stock Brute better and we started with the snorkel. We did such a good job on the snorkel we wanted to sell them, off to Highlifter Forum we went. After getting kicked off the forum 3 or 4 times and absolutely hating Highlifter and Gorilla we came up with a name "Monkey Spank industries"and continued to troll the forum for years. So, with that success/failure I moved to mud trucks because I thought they would be cheaper...lol. Nope. If you'er like me and like to put a footprint on the world nothing you do is cheaper.

In the end times:

In 08 I went balls deep, from full custom framed samurai on four link with a propane powered SBC to a full customer framed Baja bodied Toyota pick up on four link with a BBC to a full custom Mega truck that looked like a Yamaha Rhino with a Nitrous fed BBC and custom axles and finally (for now) to a full custom Mega truck that is cage, seat, some sheet aluminum and alcohol blown BBC with super custom (only ones in existence) Danator axles. This was not cheaper than fucking four wheelers!

In the beside the end times... times:

I decided to buy a side x side and funny enough we (Glade & Grove Supply) became a dealer. So, Jason, who I blame a lot of my money being pissed away on the Brute, on, and I started thinking about an ultimate mud SxS and we came up with the idea behind WildKat Williams. the idea is getting the lightest bike with as gnarly a tire as we could think of and portals. this would be the start of the most famous Wildcat Sport in history (he humbly says). So we built the Kat and I started going deep. I then needed deeper so I MSied the snorkels so I could go as deep as possible and then we managed to actually film it. the rest is current history.

In the conclusion:

I have been building stuff and drawing forever and I needed a brand so once we came up with MSi I have been sticking it on shit ever since. Monkey Spank industries (MSi) is a brand of fuck you and pure love. If you like to be the best at something It takes hard ass work or you can just BS your way on social sites. either way try hard to not be a pussy and fight for what you want, oh and buy MSi stuff (it'll help at least 35.7% of you tards). 

Thanks bitches



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